The Temple of VTEC Asia Short Technical Overview Series
TOVA EXCLUSIVE : Honda CR-Z Power-Train and Driving Dynamics

One of the most awaited new models, the Honda CR-Z sporty hybrid coupe was launched in Japan on Thursday 25th February 2010. This is our short technical overview of the power-train and driving dynamics of this sporty hybrid.

Addendum : small corrections to the article, thanks to TOVA reader DanielGR

1) The idle/stop mode doesn't work when "stopping for long periods of time" as stated in the introduction, it works whenever the car stops.

2) The IMA system on the CR-Z isn't completely like the other IMAs (i.e. Civic Hybrid and Insight). For one thing : it can't work on electric-only mode.

3) As far as the IMA/platform goes, most of the stuff is shared with the Insight (including the fuel tank position).

4) There is actually no acronym for what you called "CMA"; the word for "control" is a Kanji. I mean, it reads indeed "motor assist control/management", but as of now there is no Honda acronym to describe it.

5) The idle stop for the MT is described as follows:
- whenever you step on the clutch while braking at less than 30kmph the engine will stop.
- to bring it back to life you have to press the clutch again and bring the gear lever from neutral to another position (it will then start before depressing the clutch).

It is not specified what would happen if you press the clutch, then release it without having gone through neutral first. As far as the explanation the PR material goes, it suggests one is supposed to go to Neutral after pressing the clutch the first time.