TOVA Product Overviews

For each model/product launch, Honda typically presents a product overview which is technical in nature. The one presented in the formal launch is an abridged version but already contains plenty of information on the model being launched. This is usually presented by the local product planner whom is in charge of the product. In the media drive event, the product's chief engineer or his representative will present the full version of the same presentation which usually contains a lot more in-depth details of the model and its technical - mechanical, electrical and other design related matters.

TOVA's product overview series are usually based on these presentations. We normally use the product overview presentation from the official launch as the basis for our articles. If we are lucky enough to be able to attend the media drive event, we will then use the full version as presented by the product LPL or his representative.

Honda's product/technical overview presentations are typically done in the 'info-graphic' manner. Bear in mind that an info-graphic chart does not always translate readily to a regular worded article. However we also cannot just use the charts by themselves as the information contained therein always needs lots of explanation. Thus, our product overview articles can often have less than perfect grammar, and the article itself also often does not flow smoothly.

Finally, there are some models which are not marketed by Honda Malaysia and which therefore I do not have the opportunity to have first hand info or experience with. For the more interesting models, -if available-, I always try my best to use materials from the Honda parent sites esp media materials to prepare a simple product overview article if possible.