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How to use the VTEC-mode (hi-cam switchover)

Switching modes within "Realtime Mode"

SFC Mode allows you to adjust your fuel delivery in 1% increments. After a long hold on the MODE button, the "SFC Mode" light should light up.

  Switch Definitions

Short Hold - ( < 0.5 seconds )
Long Hold - ( 0.5 ~ 2.0 seconds )
Continued Hold- ( > 2.0 seconds )


"Realtime Mode"

Shows the current fuel settings for the given RPM. (100 RPM increments)
If the Hi-cam point is passed, the HI-CAM display will change from green to red.

"Setting Mode"

Can adjust the hi-cam switchover point in 100 RPM increments, and can also adjust the RPM buzzer (warning tone).

The hi-cam switchover point has a range of 2000 RPM to 9000 RPM.
(* - The default setting is 4500 RPM)

The RPM warning tone can be adjusted from 0 to 9900 RPM. When the RPM passes the set number, a continuous beeping sound will sound.
(* - The default setting is 9900 RPM)


Hi-cam Switchover-point Adjustment (while vehicle is not moving)

Example: Hi-cam switchover point to 5000 RPM.
  1. Switch to VTC Mode.

  2. After a short hold on the MODE, you will hear a "beep" sound, and will see the MODE switch change to red. Your are now in "Setting Mode."

  3. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to set the hi-cam switchover point -- keeping in mind that the number to the left is the RPM in 100 RPM incremetns.


Buzzer (RPM alarm) Point Setting

Example: RPM alarm point to 7800 RPM

  1. After setting the hi-cam switchover point, a short hold on the MODE switch will change the SFC-VTEC to "Buzzer Mode" (the "H" on the right-hand side of the center display becomes a "b")

    Please apply the same instructions as the hi-cam switchover instructions.

    If there is no input for 5 seconds, the SFC-VTEC will automatically return to "Realtime Mode"
  2. After a short hold on the MODE button, you will hear a electronic "beep," and your SFC-VTEC will return to "Realtime Mode."