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SFC-VTEC Wiring for H1 Cars


Compatible Cars (H1) Chassis Type Engine Name Year Model ECU Location
CR-X EF8 B16A 9/89 ~ 3/92 Foot area of Passenger-side seat
Integra DA6, DA8 B16A 4/89 ~ 9/91 Foot area of Passenger-side seat
Civic EF9 B16A 9/89 ~ 9/91 Foot area of Passenger-side seat


  1. Turn off the Engine, and remove the (-) negative ground from your battery
  2. Remove all covers, etc., and locate your ECU
  3. Following the diagram below, wire your unit accordingly.
    • Use pliers to securely fasten the electrotaps.
    • Use proper crimping tools to fasten the terminals securely.
    • If you see wire that originally had a ring-shaped connector, please make sure that it gets properly grounded.
    • On some models, there will be wires that are not used, or left disconnected.  Please use electrical tape to terminate properly.
  4. Once the wiring is complete, set the dipswitches to the following configuration, and install the unit in your desired location.
  5. Re-connect your battery terminal, and confirm operation of the device.