April 1999

Yee Wei who lives in Australia corresponded with me on the Civic line-up in Australia.


just wanna point out 2u that the civic coupe in australia is code named EJ1... they carry a 93kW D16Y8 SOHC VTEC up till 98 (93kw is about 127hp)... i think it's called the EX in America... but my car is a 97 VTi code named EK1 with a D16Y5 SOHC VTEC. we do have the EK4 here with a B16A2 DOHC VTEC that makes 160PS... but it's not called the SiR... rather the VTi-R. all DOHC VTECs in australia are called the VTi-R. the EG civics here (or the EF as they call it) are not available in DOHC VTEC form (EG6 or EG9); the VTi has a SOHC VTEC.

hope u find this info interesting...


February 1 1999

Zacka Chan writes in from Australia

Subject : HELLO from DOWN UNDER

Hi Wong,

I'm writing to you from Perth, Australia. I just acquired a 1996 Honda Civic 3-door VtiR hatch, and am loving every single minute of it!! As I have owned the car for less than a month, I haven't done much to it yet.....8) A K&N OEM replacement filter sits where the genuine one did, and a Z-speed short shifter. Will be making a trip to HK in Febuary for some goodies.

Keep up the good work on the webpage. I've finally got something to look forward to when I log on, instead of R/C cars......8)

The B16A2 has done about 35,000 kms. I'm not too sure of the power figures, but I'll be bringing it over the dyno (a dynojet by the way)in the following week, measuring every change I'm gonna do to it. I'll keep you informed over time, and we'll keep in touch ya?

Zacka Gerard Chan
ICQ UIN: 2064255

I asked Chan if he can tell us a bit about the Honda scene down under.

Hiya Wong,

Yes, I was from S'pore about 7 years ago. Didn't do much back there, too expensive. I think buying the Civic was about the best A$25,500 I've ever spent.....

Went down to the dyno, paid about A$35 for a session (but how many runs depends on who you know...), go about 4 runs, and boy, was I surprised. Out of the 4, I choose the 2 smoothest/consistent ones, and compared them. One was with a K&N plate-type element in the standard box, and the other was just the standard Honda paper filter. Everything else is standard/stock, the only change being the short-shifter(which didn't matter anyways)....

With the paper filter, the best I got out of it was 98.4 kW @ 7600, and 127.7 Nm @ 7000. A quick changeover to the K&N, and I got the best of 98.7 kW @ 7750, and 128.5 Nm @ 6750. Doesn't look like much, but when you combine the 2 charts together to check the performance gain, the difference becomes more apparent. With the K&N element, the power gains are consistent, from about 2000 rpm to redline, with the most gain at about 5500 ( 2 to 3 kW , and about 5 Nm at the same rpm). But by looking at the chart, the K&N has also smoothed out some spikes in the curves, broadened and flattened the torque curve a bit too.

As soon as I get my scanner going, I promise you'll be the first one to receive it!! In a nutshell, the K&N is one of the cheapest and most effective ( besides the exhaust ) way to gain a bit of power and torque. Next on my list would be to source out some aftermarket Japanese exhaust and headers to suit the car, then I'll probably get hold of an AFR w/vtec controller.

Better still, Chan, as soon as you send me the scans, I'll put it up in a proper report into TOVA's beyond stock section so everyone will be able to check the improvements from a K&N drop-in element !

See ya soon....
Zacka Gerard Chan
ICQ UIN: 2064255

January 20 1999

Charles Hatcher who hails from Australia wrote in with this...

Technically, Australia could be included in your asia round up. If you are interested let me know. Attached is an article I wrote for a Honda Australia magazine on the Honda City Turbo. The first quick honda city and one of only two types of cars that honda turbocharged.

Because I felt Charles' City article belongs in TOVA's Beyond Stock section, I've put it there instead. It is an excellent article and is especially enlightening for projects to modifying a stock 1980 City Turbo/Turbo-2.

I also have a 95 civic Vti hatch which I have just recently purchased and I love it. It may not be the fastest thing about but as an all round package (comfort, handling, fuel economy and power) it is brilliant. We use it for long trips and get about 550km from a 45l tank at highway speeds with the A/C on.

I am thinking about dropping the Japanese spec R 98 B16 motor in it. I have access to one, but I am curious as to how much torque it makes and where. The D16z6 is a really torquey motor down low and will putt about at low revs without a worry. How does the B16A compare?

Thanks to Charles for his support. I hope to get more correspondence from Charles and other Honda owners/fans from Down Under !