Honda Club of the Philippines

Honda Club of the Philippines (HCP) was created with a simple mission in mind. To give Honda car owners a community wherein they could interact, talk, and exchange ideas and points of views about their Honda cars. And of course, gain new friends in the process.

Officially formed on June 23 2001, the group is composed of individuals who have the same passion and love for Honda cars. Most of the core members are bulletin board posters and regulars of In that site, they asked and answered questions of other Honda car owners that are in need.

HCP was formed when Carlos de Guzman (caŽlo) and the other core members of HCP decided to meet up and form a club. Their very first E.B. (eyeball) was held in one of the parking spaces in Greenhills and only 10 or so attended. But that didn't stop the boys from setting up another one. The 2nd Honda EB was held this time at The Fort parking lot and was a huge success! Over 25 people gathered (some members as far away as Laguna!) went out of their way just to attend this E.B.! From 4 pm to 7 pm club members joined and bonded together as they talked while enjoying the view of civics, accords, and citys flooding the streets of The Fort ! Among the attendees were the representatives of HCPI (Honda Cars Philippines Inc.), which made everything even more special. Their presence is a great sign that HCP just might get the "nod" of HCPI to be its formal club for the country. Jay Diego, president and general manager of where all of this started, also graced the E.B.

The club now has over 100 members and is growing exponentially! The club is now duly recognized by Honda Cars of the Philippines and already has its own S.E.C. registered name, Power of Dreams Inc.

Potential members from different areas of the country and as well as around the world inquire on a daily basis. Now what does it take to become a member? Well it doesn't take much! One doesn't even need to own a Honda to join the club. Personal commitment is enough. All u need is to have the same love and passion that each and everyone of our members share for their cars.

For more information, visit the HCP website at The club is open to everyone, so readers from the Philippines who are interested to become a member can simply fill up the online application form in the "members" section of the site. This site also hosts a bulletin board where members can ask questions, interact, and give ideas to other Honda car owners as well.

The last words HCP has to say are : "So what are you waiting for!!? Go ahead and sign up and be part of HCP!"