Singapore Honda Club

Name of Club : Singapore Honda Club ( SHC )
Operating Country : Singapore
Status : Informal Group
SHC forum at
Personal website at
Founded in : June, 2000
Members of SHC : few hundreds so far
Registered Members of SHC : 93 members (as at Feb 5th 2001)
Forum Moderators : 3


It all started when I bought my first Honda during end of 1999. I was surfing at when the idea of creating a local Singapore Honda forum strucked my mind. Initially, I was planning a forum dedicated only to Civic EG Hatchbacks but finally decided to generalise the whole forum into Honda, be it Civic, Prelude, Integra, CRX, Accord or even Honda Beat ....

At first when SHC was founded in June 2000, the forum was only filled with few regulars who have met each other before. But up till today, SHC has 93 registered members, excluding non-registered members which surpassed the few hundreds mark.

SHC Objectives

Objectives of this unofficial Singapore Honda Club forum group are simple and short :

  1. Resources sharing
  2. Get to know more Honda enthusiasts
  3. more conscious towards Safety Awareness
  4. create fellowship and a community of Honda enthusiasts in Singapore, and even neighbouring country, Malaysia

SHC Activities

The SHC organizes the following activities on a regular basis.

  1. Informal Gatherings - nearly everyday !!!! involving the regulars of SHC
  2. Official SHC Meetup - once every month
  3. Pasir Gudang Track Outing - once or twice every month
  4. Convoys ( or rounding sessions ) - very frequent. undisclosed figures.
  5. J.B car-related Shopping Trip - maybe once a month
  6. Other activites incl. clubbing, drinking or even food outings.....

SHC Kallang Meet

SHC Membership Requirements

SHC is generally open to all who have an account from All they have to do is register at with a nick of their liking.

However, SHC forum contains a REGISTERED MEMBERS folder whereby only members who are registered with me ( the moderator ), are only able to access the secret folder. All announcements of activities or other important matters are posted to this secret folder.

In order to be able to register with me, they got to join as a member first. then after joining SHC forum, all they have to do is click on my nick ( HONDA_PRIMO ) in the forum and send an email with their nick, real name and contacts. that would enable me to update the members into a SHC members'list for all to share.

There is currently no fee involved for joining SHC. However, there might be a minimal fee imposed in future for outing expenditures. Anyway, SHC is coming up soon with a logo decal for cars as well as even polo / t-shirts. Details will be updated in the SHC forum.

SHC Committee

Presently, there are 3 moderators for SHC :

  1. Honda Primo ( Kelvin )
  2. EuroR ( Richie )
  3. Rennmeister ( Denis )

we welcome cars of all makes and models.

Interested newcomers, pls feel free to join us now at

We at SHC look forward to welcoming many new members, as long as you are a Honda enthusiast !!!