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Following Honda's Effort in Racing

Below is the current schedule of races for 2006 at the Sepang International Circuit, the Honda cars that are participating, and also an indication of our planned coverage.

  • March : Formula One - Honda F1 Racing & Super Aguri F1 
  • June : Super-GT - Honda NSX  
  • August : Malaysia Millenium Endurance 12-hours - Honda Civic & Integra   
  • November : A1 Grand Prix  
  • April-November : Malaysian Super Series - Honda Civic  
  • April : AFOS Asian Touring Car Championship (ATCC) - Honda Civic and Integra  

signifies intention to cover the race
signifies 'live' coverage from the track with media accreditation from their respective organisers.

In addition, there are other races which are planned to be held at Sepang International Circuit for which confirmation have not been published yet, like Formula-Nippon. We will update this schedule as appropriate. First race to be covered is expected to be the Malaysian Formula-One race this coming March where we expect to be able to bring you at the very least coverage of the Honda press-conferences.