JDM Honda Fit MMC

December 8th 2005

One of Honda's most successful and most popular models, the Honda Fit / Jazz has just gone through yet another Minor Model Change for the JDM on the 8th of this month. First launched in 2001, the Honda Fit / Jazz has since sold well over 1 million units worldwide and is slated to follow Honda's core models of Civic and Accord to become a worldwide model. The JDM Fit went through its first MMC for the JDM towards the end of 2003, around the Tokyo Motor Show time. Then in 2004, it went through another MMC, this one a much more significant one as a 5MT Fit was finally launched for the JDM. Now, at the end of 2005, the Fit / Jazz will be going through its third MMC for the JDM. At this moment, my information is that this MMC is dual-purpose, firstly to seek a refresh of the design in conjunction with its launch in the U.S./Canada market. Secondly, very credible sources have told me that the Jazz / Fit has a six years life cycle so the next generation Fit / Jazz will be launched in 2007. This MMC is meant to keep the current model fresh for another year of challenge in the competitive super-mini/compact car market segment.

The major change introduced in this MMC is a new front grille design for some types and new front and rear lights. Further advancements have been made to the engine, bringing it even further forward in terms of fuel economy and emission compliance. The Fit / Jazz is almost good enough to be sold right through to the year 2010, almost meeting that year's project emission level requirements for the JDM (though a new generation Fit / Jazz will definitely have been launched by 2010). For the physically disadvantaged, as with all its other JDM models, Honda has also launched an upgrade for the front passenger swivel seat.

The Fit continues to come in two major variants : a 1.3 i-DSI and a 1.5 VTEC with both a 5MT and MMT/MMT-S transmissions (CVT/CVT-7 for rest of the world). There are a total of 7 types of Fit sold in the JDM, with varying specs and trim level. The Fit 1.3 i-DSI comes in 1.3Y, 1.3A, 1.3W and 1.3S (increasing level of specs and equipment) while the 1.5 VTEC comes in 1.5A, 1.5W and 1.5S. There is no 1.5 i-DSI in the JDM. The changes introduced are this MMC is itemized below.

  • Two different versions of a new front grille. The A, W types (of both variant) uses a 'colored floating grille' design while the S and Y types adopts a 'black mesh' grille
  • A new front headlight design. In addition, the 1.5l uses satin finishing for the headlight internal 'cylinder'
  • New tail-light design. In addition, the clear portion now uses either clear or smoked (colour coded) glass depending on type (1.3S and 1.5S uses smoked glass, 1.5A and 1.5W uses smoked glass only for the turn indicator and 1.3A, 1.3W and 1.3Y uses clear glass)
  • S types has a larger 14inch front brake disk diameter with 15inch aluminium wheels
  • rear brake disks are now standard equipment
  • 4 new exterior colours
  • New filter element enhances filtration especially of airborne pollen (standard for 1.3W and 1.5W, manufacturer option for 1.3A, 1.3S, 1.5A, and 1.5S)
  • New HONDA 'smart key system' (standard for 1.5W, manufacturer option in 1.3W, 1.3S and 1.5S)
  • Availability of HONDA's HDD inter-NAVI as manufacturer option on all types (In all type manufacturer option setting)
  • Reduction of exhaust emissions by 75% over 2005 standard. The JDM Fit/Jazz is now rated at only 5% above the Japanese Ministry of Traffic's emission standards fro 2010.

Honda expects to sell 11,000 units of the Fit per month in the JDM.

For more details, visit the Honda's JDM Fit page.

Wong KN
December 2005
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