Honda CR-Z Full Review
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Finally it's my turn to take the CR-Z, Honda's only 'sports-car' in their current line-up, for a full review. The CR-Z has received very good reception since its launch here and Honda Malaysia has already taken a few hundred bookings for the car. Key to its success is the extremely attractive pricing due to tax exemptions for hybrid and electric vehicles from the Malaysian government.

With really no other outrightly 'sporty' cars available from Honda except for this CR-Z, I did a comprehensive series of tests on the car for this review.

In order to 'roll out' my articles faster, I decided to split the review into several different parts. So I can publish each part once it is ready while I work on the follow-on articles. As the notification for each article will also be put onto the 'Honda Fan' blog, readers will also be able to put in their feedback or discuss about the article at the blog. To tie all the articles together, I am using this 'landing page', or 'main index' to allow readers to see how the different articles are tied together.

Next Up : I put the CR-Z 6MT onto the dyno.

Wong KN
May 2012
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