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This article is written by long time DA6 Integra owner and fan Hazry Haxdy on his facebook page. I found it interesting and thought it would make a good article on TOVA to close off 2013.

JDM DA6 Integra Rywire wiring harness renew project.

Thank God. We can breathe now. Years ago it was a dream and finally it happened. We wouldn't know how far and nasty the obstacles ahead of us but we managed to pull it through slowly but surely.

The Rywire project took us 3 full working days. Our dedicated mechanic decided to take this job 3 years ago when we offered him personally to take the challenge. He was pretty much prepared mentally. We had to do this in a team and combine our expertise to make things work.

The removing of the dashboard was quite straight forward. Then the mess started to look ugly inside the cabin. The wirings were everywhere. I was shocked to see how much wires inside the engine bay and underneath the dashboard.We did the comparison between the original Honda wiring loom and the Rywire mil-spec. You can see the quality and also how short the new engine wiring loom. Bear in mind that we still maintain the original B16A DA-6 engine (stock intake, head and also block). Only the air intake system and also extractor were aftermarket. So basically we still kept the "OBD-O engine" intact for this project.

There were few things we encountered where the OBD-1 wiring did not mate to some of the engine OBD-0 connectors. We had to reuse some of the old connectors from the old wiring. Honestly if this was an OBD-1 engine like an EG6/9 i think the 3 days could have been shaved to 1.5 days. As few of you know the speed sensor for the OBD-0 is in the dash. That's one story. The Vtec pressure switch we had to pull another wire to the ECU as we weren't using the OBD-2 version. The OBD-0 map sensor location had to be relocated to fit the short wire. Upgraded the injectors since there are no resistor pack. Swapped the alternator and dizzy too since we wanted to mate with the OBD-1 wiring. We also found that the fuel line from the FPR were old and cracked. That has to be replaced. The little "flying spaceship" on the intake had to be removed and plugged. Gosh, the old school vacuum points were everywhere!. For OBD-0 owners, u can always prepare some used type-r parts to mate with the wiring. We just love doing it the hard way, ha ha!

Other than that, heatwaves and sudden rainstorms did not dampen our spirit. Nature just had to come in when we least expected.

The car still runs with air condition system and power steering. So the right side is still bit "messy". The left side is neater as the battery has been relocated. The new J's Racing air intake system really bends near the engine so there are a lot of space behind the headlight.

After all the new wires went in, plugged in the dashboard and also the Hondata, the engine was cranked for the 1st time. Engine sounded different. I plugged the lappy and we have one error coming from the o2 sensor which we did not plug in. So far so good. All connected and no loose ends.


After a few days rest, we sent the car for an extractor swap. This was just a temporary plan till we do the brand new extractor project. Along with this project comes few more other things. We used the stock CTR exhaust manifold which has been fabricated to fit the current exhaust system. No more error code in the Hondata. Hope the o2 sensor lasts for a bit. Old O2 sensors makes your car drinks a lot of fuel, ahem.

Our last project for this year, is the new Hasport mounts. The 62A street version was chosen. It felt stiff like my own custom PU mounts. With the new clutch and mounts, this car felt it wanted to leap like a frog.


The car will be fine tuned soon after the next service.

Here i would like to advice if you want to do this sort of buildup project, have all the necessary in hand and have some spares. On top of your preparation, your hidden cost will be if you have dying parts inside your car. Sometimes you cannot just skip for the sake of being cheap.

On behalf of my brother and myself, our 2013 projects stop right here. We will be taking a break for couple of months and we will continue the rest of the projects in 2014. We would like to say thank you to our close supporters and those people that has helped us achieve our projects and dreams. As we grow along with this car, we hope we see more mods from you guys too.

We wish everyone good health and have a good New Year 2014.

See you guys next year!

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Wong KN
December 2013
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