SFC-VTEC Main Menu

How to use the SFC-mode (fuel mapping)

Switching modes within "Realtime Mode"

SFC Mode allows you to adjust your fuel delivery in 1% increments. After a long hold on the MODE button, the "SFC Mode" light should light up.

Switch Definitions

Short Hold -
( < 0.5 seconds )
Long Hold -
( 0.5 ~ 2.0 seconds )
Continued Hold -
( > 2.0 seconds )


"Realtime Mode"

Shows the current fuel settings for the given RPM.

"Setting Mode"

Can adjust the fuel delivery by +/- 30% in 1% increments.

Percentage Display


Percentage Adjustment (while vehicle is not moving)

Example: Increase fuel delivery at 5000rpm by 15%.
  1. While in "Realtime Mode," change the display mode to "SFC Mode"

  2. After a short hold on the MODE, you will hear a "beep" sound, and will see the MODE switch change to red. Your are now in "Setting Mode."

  1. Every push on the MODE button will change the RPM. (1000 RPM increments)

  2. Once your desired RPM shows up, use the UP and DOWN switches to increase or decrease the fuel delivery percentage. (1% increments)

If there is no input for 5 seconds, the SFC-VTEC will automatically return to "Realtime Mode"

When you press the MODE button at 8000 RPM, the SFC-VTEC will return to "Realtime Mode"