SFC-VTEC Main Menu

How to use the Speedo & Speed Limit removal

Switching modes within "Realtime Mode"


After a long hold on the MODE button, the "SPD Mode" light should light up.

Switch Definitions

Short Hold - ( < 0.5 seconds )
Long Hold - ( 0.5 ~ 2.0 seconds )
Continued Hold- ( > 2.0 seconds )



"Realtime Mode"

It will display your current speed. (max 999 km/h)



Speed Limiter Removal Function

When racing on the circuit, it may be necessary to remove thespeed limiter on your car. Such a function is included in theSFC-VTEC.

The unit is shipped with this function disabled, so the userwill have to change the dipswitch settings manually.

* - this will not work on some models.